Cyber Forensic Investigations; Information Security Consulting & Controls, Network Vulnerability Management; Business Process Outsourcing Services

Business Process Outsourcing Services:

The Software Development and Testing Company, Inc. has the ability to provide trained personnel organized and assigned into Customer Focused Teams, which are tailored to the specific Technology or Business Process Outsourcing labor needs of our clients. Some of our Personnel have Security Clearances. Clients can retain our Company for Short Term hourly or Long Term salaried projects if the clients determine that it would be more cost-effective to outsource the Tasks, than to perform them in-house. Using The Software Development and Testing Company, Inc. for BPO Services provides clients a comprehensive and dependable IT and Clerical Staff outsourcing framework that ensures cost-effectiveness and efficient management of customer IT and Back Office labor needs. Our Resources include dedicated Personnel assigned specifically to that client's team for the duration of the project; Technology Tools, Expertise and External Resources to improve the client's Productivity, Efficiency and increase Profitability by outsourcing Small projects, Large Projects and Time-to-Delivery initiatives that are not required to be performed in-house at a client's location.

Key Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing to The Software Development and Testing Company Inc. for Technology and general Clerical Services include:

** Outsource work that does not produce new Sales or Renewal Revenue for your Organization. Focus on new Sales and let us handle your Back Office IT and Clerical Processing Tasks. Our rates are as low as $20.00 an hour, per person.  

** CMMi, ADM & SDLC Process Oriented BPO procedures enable our Staff to deliver projects On Time, On Budget, Everytime -- without compromising Quality.

** Scalability of your external Labor Resources based on Short Term and Long Term project needs, without incurring additional employee benefit or healthcare expenses.

** Dedicated Customer Focused Teams with Personalized Service working directly for you.

** Change Management – a proven process to monitor and efficiently manage feedback for the performance of daily tasks as well as detailed database tracking of the status of all Tasks performed. 

** Direct access to our President & CEO 24 x 7 throughout the duration of the Business Process Outsourcing Service period; ensuring our Teams are ready to respond immediately to any new assignments from your Organization or changes on the fly to existing support services; based on your new needs.